Friday, 22 April 2016


The sun shining so bright, not a chill in the air
A soft gentle breeze, that blows through this mind whispering sweet words and melodies that need to be written and conveyed
Words of pure sweet harmony, peace, tranquil, love of all things in the present and the future
Natures stores speaks of restoration, conservation and all the new in the coming seasons
Spring the beginning of all new life and plants
Summer the growth has begun and shining in their glory and glorious colours
Autumn the reaping of what we have sown and grown from nature’s stores and shores
Oh yes her shores, the bountiful, crystal clear waters
The memorable days of sifting through the sands for seashells
And exquisite pebbles, glimmering, shimmering so bright that you have to take them home
Oh the PEACEFUL REPOSING is sheer bliss

© Teresa Joseph Franklin
9th March 2013

All Rights Reserved

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