Friday, 1 April 2016


Taken from (c) Heartfelt Baring All
It has been so long for this ship to have wrecked itself
Along the craggy rocks and shoreline
That has been new and scary all of the time
Beaten, battered forlorn bones shaken and bruised
Tattered, ragged like the edge of a knife cutting through
The shabby, messy and tatty exterior of the ship
Sails shredded with nothing to sail against the winds, rain
And torrents of waves
Left dilapidated open to the currents, sinking, drifting swaying
Tossing and turning with the tidal waves
Surrender to the elements was the only way
Take a course to the nearest shore, danger ahead there be
But surely that is where I need to be?
I would rather try to swim ashore than be swallowed alive
Gasping for breath so near to death
This time instead I find and recover this stealth
That is so abhorrent, disgustingly clear but I must go on
Find the strength the power to thrive, survive and strive
On and on for the sake of how long!
Resuming the good from the bad
That had sent me to a near death
Sunken pallor, sunken stinking ship
I hold so dear so gently to steer
This wayward course of life and limb
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
16th March 2013

All Rights Reserved

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