Tuesday, 31 May 2016


I feel honoured and privileged
You made the move
Towards me
This is such bliss
Never been so happy
You circled around me
Time and time again
Still alert sharp, honed
In with all your senses
Then all of a sudden
You just sat by me
Oh such glee
Within this heart
Tears of joy, bliss happiness
So many emotions overwhelming me
Then all of a sudden
You ran and ran
Then you were gone
Right out of sight
Then silence, stark silence
The greyness prominent
Cold, cold air
Damp thick misty air
Now I am feeling the chill in the air
Why, why? What went wrong?
Nothing on my part surely!
I stand for a while
Wondering whether to go or to stay
Should I wait? Or should I go?
Then the silence is broken
From a distance, coming closer and closer
The howling, the barking
Nearer and nearer, I stand so still
Too frightened to move
I see not just one wolf coming towards me
But a whole pack by the looks of things
I dare not move, they are all around me
Sniffing, sniffing, their ears sharp
I dare not speak or make a sound
Eyes wide piercingly alert
The whites of their eyes
So scary to say the least
I am not looking down
I will let them make the move
They are gentle to the touch, warm so friendly
As if they are accepting me
Jostling for a space to get near
I am not feeling any fear, this is a great honor
A privilege
So up close and personal
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
8th June 2012
All Rights Reserved
Taken from the wolves book of poems
© Living Under The Same Sky

© Teresa Joseph Franklin

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