Tuesday, 17 May 2016

I DID, AND I DON'T (new Poem)

And it is a definite I won’t
You can say all you want
It’s still I do not want to know
You can masquerade
On your own parade
You know the world that you live in
I’m in mine, so divine
I can sing and dance
To any old merry tune
Not the old classics
You keep passing by
I’ve told you before
I don’t need you any more
I’m solo
Not sorrowful
I’m happy as can be!
I cannot teach this dance
Yeah go on with your glance
As I keep saying
Your career is your choice and doing
Mine is mine
Still heavenly divine
There is nothing more to say
So why stay?
There is nothing more
There is nothing left
I’m not bereft
I’m not going to grieve
I’ll just roll up my sleeve
Hitch up my skirt
And tip tap away
Those vivid dreams not forgotten
Now they seem so rotten
Rotten to the core
Where you wanted to be center of the stage
Take all the glory
Heck you need to say sorry
The cast and crew
Knew and I knew
And here is the final curtain call!
Stop calling
You are no longer welcome
You’re rights to drop by
Are no longer a right!
It’s all wrong
No more flowers
Those yellow, yellow roses
Hung limp, limp
I’m not imploring, pleading or begging
I’m not stooping that low
Just asking, asking
Leave me alone!
The stage is all yours
The show will go on
But not in the written text
So go “Break a Leg”
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
17th May 2015

All Rights Reserved

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