Wednesday, 25 May 2016


Live your life with the freedom given
Live your life and feel, feel the freedom
Spread those wings
Shout and sing
Sing so that you’ll be heard
Shout your visions
Commit to your visions
Feel, feel the freedom
Breath in the air
Without a care
Feel the wind in your hair
Blowing, casting the shadows
The shadows of doubt
The shadows of fear
The shadows of being unloved
You Are Loved”
Feel that love!
Touch that love!
Harness that love!
Embrace that love!
Never, ever let anyone
“Tell You Otherwise”
You, we are all unique
A uniqueness shaped and formed
From a higher love
A love so unconditional
A love so pure and simple
Open your heart
Open your eyes
Open your mind
To all that is beyond comprehension
Without any hesitations
Without expectations
It carries a voice
A silent voice
A whisper on the wind
A whisper that says to you and I
“I Love You Unconditionally”
“Take my hand”
“See where my love is”
“Feel where my love is”
“It’s wide, wide, wide”
“It’s across the rivers, streams, lakes
And oceans so wide, wide”
“It gently flows with the ebb of the tides”
“It is endless, ceaseless”
“It’ll arrive in a torrent of wind and rain”
“It’ll arrive when you least expect it!”
“It’ll arrive on the wings of a dove”
“Live your life, be free”
“As it is meant to be”

© Teresa Joseph Franklin
4th December 2014

All Rights Reserved

Taken from the book of 
(c) The Little Book of Angelic Poems
(c) Teresa Joseph Franklin
Available from
Published through

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