Sunday, 29 May 2016



Oh little hummingbird
So beautiful, so tiny
 And oh so fragile
With wings that shine
With the colours of a rainbow
So brightly
And wings of gold spread out so wide

I see from the beauty of mine own eye
How that you fly
What do you see in me so?
That keeps you looking on at me?
Maybe that we both see a beauty
That we both possess
In both our own eyes

From flower to flower
You hover
Collecting the sweet, sweet nectar
That is so desired
And full of power

Sweet Hummingbird
A symbol of the spreader of life
On this earth
And of rebirth
A bringer of peace

You may be small
But have the power
Of an eagle
When needed to protect
Your family

Your reputation is powerful
Held in a high regard
From every Tribal Nation
Across this New World
The United States of America

Sweet, sweet Hummingbird
That will endure
Through life

© Teresa Joseph Franklin
12th April 2012

All Rights Reserved

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