Tuesday, 28 June 2016


Friends and lovers
We know what is in our hearts
Happiness, love
We call it our blissfulness
We will show the world that you and I belong
We know we belong
A never departure
A lifetime of true love, passion
It can rain but we never care
We laugh and giggle
We wriggle
Wriggle up to each other
We embrace
We trace
Trace the outlines of our bodies
Gently, tenderly
We promised to love each other to the end
You are you are
I cannot take my eyes off you
You have me mesmerized
You want to keep me up all night
Oh my lover never ever stop
Paradise, paradise
This is where I want to stay
Never to go away
Girl I need you!
Girl I want you!
Girl I love you!
Never ever stop loving me
For all eternity
Our bands show our bond
A lovers tryst for ever
A friend is what I have found in you
Oh girl I am never letting you go
Because my heart says so
My heart tells me so
My heart tells me this is never the end
My heart tells me that the moon and stars
Shine in your eyes
Glistening and oh how I listen
I’ll go wherever you go
You are the best part of me!
You are the best for me!
You are my sun and moon
You are my love
If you are okay then I am okay
Every night
And I’ll defend you with all my might
Nothing or no one will harm you
I’ll be your hero
Never a zero
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
16th July 2015

All Rights Reserved

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