Thursday, 30 June 2016


There is a beauty that shines through
It is a beauty that reflects
Love of life
Love of beauty
Love of freedom
Love to choose
A love to be loved
Adored, cherished
To be loved unconditionally
To be loved unquestionably
A love without doubts, fears or tears
A love to last for years and years
Within these eyes
There speaks a freedom
A freedom to be
To be whatever we choose
Within these eyes
There are choices
Within these eyes
We have voices
Voices that at times that feel like
Screaming and shouting
Within these eyes
So clear and bright
We look to a better outlook
A world ever changing
A world full of possibilities
A world for you and me!
Within these eyes
There is no criticizing,  
There is nothing critical
All there is within these eyes
Is magical, mystical
Within these eyes
There is nothing fake
Make no mistake
Within these eyes
Is the freedom
To run wild and free
Along this coast
Where we love the most
Within these eyes
There you’ll find no lies
But only our ties
Ties to each other
Within your eyes
I see no hidden agenda
Within your eyes
They speak of tenderness and love
Your eyes speak volumes
Within your eyes
I see a glistening
Oh babe I’m listening
With these eyes of mine
Within these eyes
I see you across the miles
Miles and miles
Yet I continue to smile and smile
You sailed so far away
Oh the waves are waving
Swaying and swaying
The constant ebb and flow
Oh babe come this way
Within our eyes
Where we despise
The gaping gap
Within these eyes
Is that you keep safe and sound
And come homeward bound
From across the overseas
Where it keeps you from me
So for now my love
Look within these eyes
Especially for you

© Teresa Joseph Franklin
29th June 2016

All Rights Reserved

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