Saturday, 9 July 2016

BEFORE YOU (updated poem)

Mystery and mysticism
Enchanting, enchantment
Beauty, beautified
Serenely serene
Before you
A woman to be adored, adorned
A woman to be loved, cherished
A woman to be by your side
Before you
All your dreams come true
Before you
I am here
I am there
And here I will stay
With a love that will adorn you
A lover, a best friend
Before you to the end
No mask, no makeup
No adornments
Before you just as I am
A pure essence within
A pure and simple woman
A woman without an ego
Oh boy how I let the go!
A woman that fell down
A woman who rose much stronger
A woman who is not ambiguous
All that you see is so clear
All that you will feel is so, so clear
Dear, dear
This woman has a heat in her heart
One that will die, fly
This heart flies, flies
So, so high
A heart, heat that you will never eliminate
It’ll burn, burn easily
Breezily, breezily
Like the winds, the sun
The strongest maelstrom
Will never fan it out
So I now I scream and shout
Are you ready?
Are you steady?
Will you be ready?
Can you be steady?
Before you this woman before you
Would, could you love her?
Love her for who she is?
Not the adorned woman
But the stark naked woman
Would you be vague with her?
Would you be truthful with her?
Would you lead her into confusion?
Or be absolutely truthful with her?
Can you be the man for her?
Without judgments!
Before this woman
Would you, can you be her strength
Her everything
Before her
Before me
Can you be?
Be her light in the dark
She’ll be yours
Can you shed tears for her?
Like she’d shed them for you
Before you
Could you tame her restless spirit?
Before it takes over her
Tame her but never lame her
Before you this woman
Would you put her through hell?
Because she would be able to tell
And run, run away
Before you, you and you
She has made mistakes
But she is no fake!
She has erred and erred
But she is human, humane
Before you, you and you
She is caring, kind and gentle
And will always reside
With each and everyone’s hearts
Would you, could you be her hero
She’d be your hero, never a zero
Oh before you
She could never live without her sunshine
Her sunny, sunny sunshine
Oh before you!
Her dawn is just beginning
Hopeful, optimistic
Without a shadow of doubt
Before you
This woman will adore you to the end
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
9th July 2016

All Rights Reserved

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