Friday, 26 August 2016


These great mountains and the skies
There is a spirit that passes us by
Maybe once in a while
His greatness and his grace
His presence we embrace
Above and beyond
The Great Spirit that is wolf
Once was
And told of

Above and beyond
Stories once told
Battles of old
But above and beyond
This character will behold
His presence is now held
With the old and the new
Who knew this great!
Spirit way above
And beyond

Above and beyond
His spirit will shine on
Just like the morning sun
Never ending
Never ceasing
Always begun

Above and beyond
The pack he belonged
Lives on
Way beyond
The rugged terrains
The snowcapped mountains
His spirit will remain
And reign
Way above and beyond

© Teresa Joseph Franklin
2nd May 2012
All Rights Reserved
Taken from the eBook/paperback editions
© Living Under The Same Sky

© Teresa Joseph Franklin

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