Sunday, 16 October 2016

I'M A DREAMER (New Poem)

I’m a believer
And any dream I will retrieve
Retrieve for prosperity
Not for the riches that money can buy
But for the comforts, that’ll help me pass this by
I’ll stretch and pose
But I’ll hold my head up with poise
It’ll always be always
Loving, loving you
Through and through
This stage is not mine
My stage is elsewhere
Where there is more care and care
And the biggest of them all the breaks
Breaks from the heartaches
I have forgiven myself!
All the wrongs that I have done
The grudges now dissipated
And all I now need is just to be friends
Nothing more or less
This disheveled life is free from strife
Only because I have filled in the cracks
The fissures  
The fractures
Fractures that have seen me broken
Battered and shattered
And now all I feel is freedom
Freedom to be me
So here I stand believing in the future
Believing that one day
You won’t forget to pass this way
The real, real you!
Not the one that is full of pride
The one who is not afraid to hide
Hide behind an ego
Egotistically puffed up and out
There is no going back to the start
Are you still searching?
Are you surviving without me?
Is it cold in your limelight?
Is there someone to ease the pain?
We cannot go back to the start
Then let’s make a new start
Where we can remain friends
I truly believe we can be
If only, if only
I change, change
I’ve lost the trust
What comes round, comes round
Lost the trust with you
How do I ever get that back with you?
If I let you in would I could i?
If I let you in, you would need to prove
Prove to me that I can trust you
You broke that trust!
With broken trust throughout the years
See it is just me letting you know how I feel
But I am tentatively learning
That huge word
Yet I am a dreamer
A believer
Composing my composure
With all my emotions 
Hoping and wishing
That we can be friends
And stay friends
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
16th October 2016

All Rights Reserved 

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