Monday, 2 January 2017

BEYOND (New Poem)

Beyond our comfy cozy World
There is a slaying, beheading
Is there anyone praying?
Beyond our comfy, cozy World
There are the damnations
There are destructions
Where once there were creations
Beyond our comfy, cozy World
There are criticisms, discriminations
Black on white
White on black
Religions against religions
Are we bothered, do not care of
The recriminations
Is there anyone praying?
Beyond our comfy, cozy World
What do you see?
What can you see?
Have you your blinkers on?
Your eyes closed?
Don’t give a damn!
You’d prefer your jam!
Sugar and spice and all things nice
Beyond our comfy, cozy World
The destruction of the forestations
The reasons are very clear
That packaging
The furniture we sit on
Lay on
The palm oil
The soya we drink and eat
The animals of the wild
Hunted, skinned, de-horned
All in our comfy, cozy World
This once expansive world is shrinking
Shrinking for man’s sake
Beyond our comfy, cozy World
Children are dying, crying
Children profited for slavery
Children profited for marriages
Is anyone praying?
Within our comfy, cozy World
There are children living in poverty
Damn this is the 21st Century!
Families living the same way!
Tossed out of their homes
Nowhere to go
Children put into homes
Separated, segregated
Like war torn refugees
Screaming, seething
That this was not all their fault
So are our ladders up?
We are the tops?
At those lofty tops
Minding our own businesses
Blowing those air kisses
Is there anyone praying?
Just saying!
Cos my comfy, cozy World
Sure isn’t and won’t be
Maybe this lady is a dreamer
But she sure is a believer
She is a realist, not a communist
She’ll defend what is right
She’ll stand up for the wrongs
With all my might!
With humanity, humbly
With humility
The man on the streets
Tramping the streets
The woman on the streets
Tramping the streets
The children on the streets
Tramping the streets
The animals on the streets
Tramping the streets
Grasping, grabbing for something to eat
Begging, borrowing, stealing for that crust to eat
They’ll lie with their deceit
They’ll try to bring you down
And never have a frown
They are the ones wearing the crown
So beyond our comfy, cozy World
There is not always evil
There is goodness, good hearts and souls
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
2nd January 2017

All Rights Reserved


  1. Teresa this is such a moving poem you wrote that makes us think of what we take for granted.Well said as I hold to your message that everyone should hear .You are a very talented writer who is a master of your craft!

    1. Thank you so much Robert for taking time out to make you wonderful comment, I am humbled

  2. you write a such a beautiful Poem. Thanks for sharing it. i like it very muchHusband wife problem solution mantra

  3. You are so welcome AstrologerRK and thank you for passing by and commenting I am so humbled