Friday, 6 January 2017


Through this life
Never thinking of the moment
But living in the moment
The day is here
I’m hoping that it will bring some cheer
Flitting here and there
Without a care
Skipping over the negative
Skipping for joy
Oh boy
The dawn just breaking
What are we forsaking?
Not a cloud in the sky
The rain clouds have passed me by
Way up there in the lofty skies
The sun yet to shine
Then it’ll be yours and mine
The frosty ground
Has me a leap frogging
Over the whimsy bare dandelion
Its fragility, its delicacy
Standing so tall and strong
Oh this is a wondrous feat
My wings scattering the few seeds
Seeds that will grow in the coming months
Oh I know! Those pesky dandelions
The bane of your lives
But they will always survive
No matter what you try to do
They will always shine through
Glittering, shimmering
In the day break
I flit here and there
Backwards, forwards
Hopping and flitting
Jumping and flying
Spreading my wings
Spreading those seeds
Seeds of newness
Like the newborn day
Hooray, hooray
Leaping like a frog
From one lily to another
Oh such joy
Oh girl, oh boy
Oh such joy to everyone
On this newborn day
Singing on this newborn day
The new seasons are coming
Day by day
The days become lighter
On each and every newborn day
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
6th January 2017

All Rights Reserved

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