Saturday, 7 January 2017


You do not know what it is like
Don’t criticize circle of friends and family
We are just like you
Humble, simple
We love, we hate
We loathe, we love
We get jealous, fractious
Yes fractious of your lives
So never judge us like you judge us
We are just like you
On word comes to mind
We all live it, breathe it
Day in, day out
Night and day
Oh yeah
So how much can you take it?
You know our fake, fake lives
We shuffle through life
We carry the burdens through life
Never knowing where to turn
They turn over and over
Turmoil turmoiling
We have had broken hearts
That has torn us apart!
Has the same happened to you?
Through and through
Did you grow, grow through it?
Make you stronger for longer
It did us!
Do you see us criticize you?
Wear those hoodies
I love my hoody
It is comfy, cozy
It keeps me warm
Still criticizing?
Head bent, eyes hidden
Not mine!
I love people watching
Watching, never judging
Just watching you all
I have a giggle and a little snigger
Oh how I just sit and watch
My hands holding my face
I get stunned and shocked
At the things I see and hear
Too much for my ears at times
Yes I shut them off
And my eyes to
I never wrote a book on life
Too complicated
We come, we go
We love, we hate
We berate
I watch those people tramping the streets
To their own city beat
Do we judge?
Do we nudge?
Do we stare, do we ignore?
Or do we feel sorry, pity for them?
Or just walk past their past
Their lives, their heartaches
Oh boy oh boy
That is heartache, heartbreak
So guys and gals
Never, ever
Criticize any one’s life

© Teresa Joseph Franklin
7th January 2017

All Rights Reserved