Saturday, 1 April 2017

YOU'RE A MIRACLE (new poem)

Yes you are, never have any doubts
You came into this world in a chaotic way
It was almost a tragedy
Your life was hanging in the balance
But it took one, long glance
You are my miracle
You came into this world full of crags and cracks
The sun shone one day
The next it poured with rain
Yes that was the miraculous day!
I was too frightened to touch you!
You were so, so tiny
Your beautiful hands and feet so perfect
So, so soft and tender
Silky soft
Oh little one you are the joy
The joy, the bliss of my life
Oh blow the trouble and strife
That is what happens when you become a parent
Parenting doesn’t come with a manual
It comes so, so naturally
Oh the first, first hug and cuddle
Is all we need to know!
Know from the moment we set our eyes upon you
Anything else we learn as we go along
Whether it rains, thunders or hales
It comes right in the end
We Hope
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
1st April 2017
All Rights Reserved

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