Thursday, 25 May 2017


A woman that needs to be touched
A woman that needs to be loved so much
This woman needs to be needed
This woman needs YOU to feel this heart beating
Beating for YOU
Pulsating, thudding, thumping
This heart is crying out for YOU
My hands feel tied!
I want, need you to need me!
Is this going to take a miracle?
I’m a woman with a heart
I don’t want to be just your woman!
I want to hear what you feel
Need to know how you feel
Are we for real?
My heart has never had a hero!
It has always been a zero
I keep trying to hide how I feel
I keep saying “it is too soon”
I’m a woman who deserves your all
I’m a woman who knows what she wants
I’m a woman who knows what she needs
There is no other woman like me!
There is no other woman who feels like me!
So much desiring you, yet adoring you all the more
I love your touching me
Those tingles, those shudders all down my spine
That drives me wild for more and more
Leaving me feeling sensual, sexual
Oh what a pair!
And we stare and stare!
Knowing we are both
Hopeless romantics
Without a care
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
1st October 2014

All Rights Reserved

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