Sunday, 25 June 2017


This is what it is like
The violin dusty and rusty
Is it time to play a new song?
Not the ones from long ago
The up to date
Are you ready and willing to take that chance?
And not take that long, long glance
You sit here before me
You sat here before me
We did nothing about it
Just meandered
With our silent thoughts and feelings
No screeching
No harmonious playing a wondrous song
But what now do you expect from me?
I cannot do the same ole thing
It has gone, done and dusted
But here we sit and look
Both violin and hat so decrepit
Do we dust the off
Clean them both off
Strike up the new chords
Oh how I need the euphonious
Can you, could you mellow?
Like I have done so
Aged though we are
My dusty hat and violin
Are so tuneful
It’s an immeasurable love
Immersable love
A drowning love
There is no going backwards
This love will always go forwards
Can you be ready to dust off that hat?
Can you be ready to tweak your violin?
Both of mine are ready and willing
Are you all right with doing this
Cos I’m ready
Ready to swing
Ready to sing
Cos it’ll do for me 
Are you ready to leave that town?
That ole swinging town
Where swingers are no longer swinging
The base so, so low
The piano has lost its tune
Cos it no longer suits my mode
The singer lost his voice
You and I have a choice
This fool is in love once again
A fool in love with you
Oh why can you not see it!
Oh boy dust off those blues
And come and join this happy band
Everything is here
For your lady love
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
26th June 2017

All Rights Reserved

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