Friday, 30 June 2017


The solitude
Without the loneliness
But it has been shattered
With an earth screeching noise
This wondrous home
My spiritual home
A place that matters to me
My tears are falling
My heart soaring
A tempest is roaring
An earth shattering moaning 
This space yet again invaded
I just do not know what to do
My family and friends concerned
There is my security
But that has been invaded
This sanctuary
My refuge
My haven
My heavenly shelter
Feels like it has been stolen
At this very moment I cannot take anymore
Each and every time a part of me screams within
Each night I pray for protection
To be immune from this madness
This is causing me great sadness
But what can I do?
But ask that whoever it is be caught
Right now, this day
So that I can be at ease
And not carry this disease
My feelings towards you are not hate
They are just feelings of sorrow for you
Just ponder this thought!
You are not a winner but a loser
You’ll lose out in the end
Yes my friend in the end
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
1st July 2017

All Rights Reserved

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