Wednesday, 14 June 2017

MESSAGES FROM AFAR - taken from the book of poems (c) Simply Magical

On golden wings spread so wide
The dove and messenger flies by
It brings forth peace, love and happiness
Its graceful wings flapping without ease
The dove flies to the fair maiden
He has a message for her from lands far away
She holds out her hand so gracefully
So gently
And there before her eyes she sees
A boat afloat there in the distant seas
In the wings of the dove
The sun a glowing, shining brightly
The sea glimmering, shimmering so beautifully
The mountains as the background scenery
Tall and standing so strong
White snow peaks
All around in the sky are shooting stars
Stars to make a wish upon
Twinkling, blinking, shimmering
Every one of them flickering a message from the heavens above
Puffy white clouds scudding by
Oh why?
This is a starry, starry night!
But here anything can happen in a wondrous world like this
So full of happiness and bliss
A place of mystery, mysteries
Fairy tales and mystical stories
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
18th July 2013
All Rights Reserved
Taken from the book of poems

© Simply Magical 
Available through and 

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