Wednesday, 28 June 2017


Sitting awhile
Quietly, peacefully
The sea rippling
The waves so calm
But beneath there is a rippling
Flowing heaving
Curling, swirling,
Riptide pulling
Sucking everything in its path
Way down deep, deep
In the depths of the oceans be
Wherever it goes it flows beneath
A rotten stagnant life full of woes
Where nothing can be real
But life is real
It tosses, turns and churns
Our lives upside down
Like a riptide way deep inside
The fear, the anguish
The panic, the pain
A love tossed aside
Way deep inside
Whilst I sit here I am letting it go
Flow, flow with the riptide
But this riptide I am in control

© Teresa Joseph Franklin
23rd June 2014

All Rights Reserved

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