Wednesday, 21 June 2017


Is this the hand of future fate?
 Or are you just the devils claw?
And nothing more
You are nothing but the
Darker side of me
That makes me cold
And raw

This time I am fighting back
This claw is my mistake
Taking back that once was mine
Life of so divine
Not yours
Devils claw

You can scream and shout
Right out loud
But I have the claws
Right here and now
The one to defend
And amend
Until the sweetest end
This shield of old
Stories untold
Battles won and
Battles lost
I am ready once again
To throw it right at you

I see my light
Shining bright
Blinding with truth
I’m putting up the fight
With all my might
My destiny
And fate
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
22nd April 2012

All Rights Reserved

Taken from the anthology
(c) Warrior Women
Yet to be published 

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