Saturday, 22 July 2017

ESCAPISM (award winning poem of 2014)

Just that feeling from getting away from it all
Legs outstretched, leaning backwards
Oh the bliss and how I have missed this
Taking it all in
Savouring every moment, second, minute
The bouquet of flowers crushed, crumpled
Just like the moment you flattened my world
Tattered, shattered and curled
The darkest of days, the haze, the maze
Struggling to see the daylight
Walking in your shadows
The dark, dark shade just like the night
But that is all gone, long gone
The light is bright
Oh so good to be in the light
Do what I feel, see what is right
No more fear or fright
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
14th November 2013

All Rights Reserved
Award winning poem of 2014 

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