Thursday, 13 July 2017

FOLLOWING YOU (award wining 1st Nations poem)

I see and watch you
Through my tears
A lonely figure
Travelling along
This lonely, lonely
Ancient land
You look so sad
Every moment I am by your side
You cannot see me
Hear me
But I hear you
Calling my name
In your hours of loneliness
You are never alone
My sweet, sweet love
Can you not hear my voice?
I miss you too
It was a sad day when I left
You oh so, so
I am near to you
Hugging you
To keep the cold out
That you feel constantly
Wrapping you up so tight
And tenderly
The campfire is lit
Keeping the darkness at bay
Your faithful bay horse
Not far from your side
His ears pricked up as if he knows
That I am near by
My sweet
My love
My friend
Look behind you
He knows
I just wish that you could
See, feel, sense
I will always be your side
Day by day
Night by night
Every moment
Through this journey
Of yours till the end
Of your days
We were inseparable in my
 We are inseparable now
My love
There will always be a light
Behind your back
Look it is a light
To let you know
I am close by
A never goodbye
Eternally by your side

© Teresa Joseph Franklin
22nd May 2012

All Rights Reserved

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