Saturday, 8 July 2017


Oh how exciting!
Even my dragon friend has given up on the fire and flames
We’re both just relaxing
Even that can be taxing
Has anyone else had this feeling?
We look for something to do
We’re looking at you sometimes
Wondering if we should bother you
Oh you know scare you
Frighten the pants off you
But we cannot be bothered
It’s too hot to do
This summer heat, this missing heartbeat
Our slurry tongues
Shut so tight and oh what a sight
Even we are at a fright
Cos we cannot do a thing
So here I sit and trying to write
Oh and read
The pages story so gloomy
That I can no longer bear
There is a romance and someone is not being fair
Someone is feeling rejected and boy does he care
Now that sounds and looks like someone!
Gruber laying here beneath me
Forlorn and saddened
Oh dear me!
But let’s get back to the story
As you can see I’m a fairy
Airy fairy
Light and airy
Flitting here and there
And yes I can scare you!
You just don’t know when I will and can
It’s part of my nature
Natural and a natural instinct
So watch out!
I can hear you shout!
But we mean no harm really
We just like to say hello
Our very own hello
Pesky little airy fairy
So Gruber and I
Will sit and lay awhile
On this very day
Watching and waiting
Your very move
Then we get in our groove
Flipping and flapping
Way up there so high in the sky
No roaring flames
From Gruber
Just a very silent
Willowy whisper
In one of your ears
Letting you know we are near
Very, very near
So walk silently, quietly
Then maybe, just maybe you’ll know we are here
So we’ll sit a while
Let the time pass for awhile
And just enjoy these moments
Watching you all in your everyday mode
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
8th July 2017

All Rights Reserved 

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