Sunday, 30 July 2017

LIVING LIFE ON THE EDGE (Taken from the album 'Thoughts on Life)

Looking out to the horizons threshold
Holding what is so dear, and clear
The rainbows may not be showy
The clouds yet to be clear
The waves a pounding
Pounding like this heart
But right now it is a broken and battered one
My very existence with faith is now being questioned
But I do not want to question it
Because it fits
It is not a fits and starts
It’ll never leave my heart
It is deep rooted
Deep seated
But today I’m questioning
Where I need to go from here
Time to reflect
Yet not reject
My true meaning and path
My true purpose
My real reason and reasons
Without trying to reason
It is not the time or place
The time and place will be within
This jagged, ragged rock
Will be my stabilizing rock
Through troubled times
Through happy times
Through my entire life’s times

© Teresa Joseph Franklin
29th March 2015

All Rights Reserved

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