Saturday, 22 July 2017

THE LION AND HIS QUEEN (award winning Children's poem 2015)

Where did it all begin?
Right from the start this lion king
Saw his queen, there was a beauty
As was his thinking
She was cute, adorable
And surrounded in pink
There she was looking his way
From a safe distance
She knew he was king
Her everything
His mane so glorious
Glorious shades of gold
Light and bright just like a butterfly
Flitting around in the sky
Holding his head so high
True to his name, with fame
His notorious battles he has won
Defending his domain
But within resides the softest, gentlest lion of them all
He is a great father, but his queen is the teacher to them all
He knows he will have great pride
With her by his side
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
13th July 2013

All Rights Reserved

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