Thursday, 27 July 2017

THIS LIFE (Poem of the Year 2015)

Ready to face the challenges
That this life throws at us all
Taking the road less travelled
Way beyond our call of needs
And wants
Facing the fears
And the tears
And leaving those years
Behind us
That caused such fuss
For all of us
This mountain road
So steep
So cold
And feeling all alone
Making me want to weep
It so treacherous
Full of dangers
Of the unknown
I want this life
To be oh so good
And now is the time to be adventurous
Take it by the scruff of the neck
Oh what the heck
I’m going to do
Get there by heck
But it is not going to break the spirit
And warrior in me
This life is full of woe is me
Why me?
What can it be?
Why not let it be
And see the future
Brighter than it has ever been
Taking that step into reality
Taking that step into
A future so bright
Filled with such a beaming light
I want so need that bright, bright
I’m ready to put up a fight
A dedication to all of us fighters in this life
But remember this, never let it be a
Trouble or strife life
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
22nd October 2014

All Rights Reserved

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