Monday, 7 August 2017


This summer has flown by
I can feel a nip in the air
We had not a care
We just looked at each other as if to say
“Do we dare?”
“Shall we dare?”
Oh heck, what the heck
We did just that
We smooched in public
We kissed, oh those kisses
The sun shining down on us
Oh the rush
Our blood pulsating
Our hearts pulsating 
Our pulses pulsating 
And here is the question!
Where has the time flown?
We are still lovers
Best of friends
Yet I am here and you are not
No, this is not a love gone wrong!
Far, far from it
You are once again on your tour of duty
In some far flung country
You cannot say where
And I fully understand
Your duty to our country is beyond outstanding
I am so proud of you
Yours and mine
Two families supporting, being supportive
The moon and the stars are ours
We can look to heavens and find our own special star
The moon rises and falls in our own places
You wherever you are
I’m sat here in this sunny spot
Watching and waiting for the signs
This way we never feel so apart
The times spent apart feels as if my heart is wrenching 
Even though I try to stay strong
But I know I won’t be too long
You sail across those oceans
From those far distant places
Then I’ll know that you’ll be back safe and sound
Till possibly a next time
But who knows right now
Each day is spent so specially, special
Never planning any plans
Moments are treasured not measured
Yes each and every day that you are away
Days seemed to drag by
Even though I try to fill them meaninglessly
Picking flowers, drying flowers as mementoes
Of what you have missed
The days seem to pass
Only four more sleeping nights
And that is it and then you are home
Home to these loving arms
Arms that have missed holding you
Arms that have missed being entwined with you
See you soon my love!
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
7th August 2017

All Rights Reserved

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