Saturday, 5 August 2017

SAIL AWAY (children's poem)

Simply sail away so far away
To the seas far and wide
Oceans new and old
Simply sail away on a crest of a wave
Waving all your worries, trouble way behind
Simply sailing away with the moon lit night
Golden, simply a one-off
It is a guiding light shining so bright
Mystifying, magical, mythical
Alluring, hypnotising, enticing
Fair maidens from a mystical world
Watching, guarding your sailing away
The heavens adorned with rippling
Myriads of colours
Azure blue, oh what a wonderful hue
The moon lit night revealing the wondrous
Colours of the sea
Golden yellow, azure blue
And the emerald greens for all to be seen
The fair maidens sounding the sea shells
Oh such wondrous colours
Oh what a wondrous sight
Bringing much delight
To the weathered minds, bodies and souls
Of the sails men, sea men, of the tall ships sailing simply away
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
19th May 2013

All Rights Reserved

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