Tuesday, 1 August 2017

YOU HAVE THE POWER (award winning poem of 2013)


For so long you had this power over me
The hurt, the pain and agony
That power that had
Such a powerful
Vice like grip
Pulling me down and down

This power that you had over me
Was dug so, so deep within me
Leaving me helpless, weak
With no defenses
Never letting me be

 This power that you held over me
Had me running scared literally
You just didn’t care
How much it hurt
Treated me like a piece of dirt

But guess who’s fighting back?
And you just don’t like it back
Tough luck
Now you are powerless
The one with all the mouth
And now no guts
I’m pushing through this
Thing that’s called power
But not your way

Even though this power
Has a strong, strong
Vice like grip
It’s a power I cannot
Desist, resist
The power to walk
To talk
Hold my head higher
Now your power has gone
It’s been far too long

I now have the power
One big, huge power
A burning power
To break through
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
21st April 2012
All Rights Reserved

Award winning poem of 2013

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